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It's THE show that makes healthy living not suck! So you’ll actually do it. And so you’ll actually feel, look and live your best.

Hosted by Talia Pollock, creator of Party in My Plants

Aug 9, 2018

My guest today is so passionate about drinking plant-packed juices that he dubbed himself the “Juice Guru” which you’d think might be a bold title until you see how boldly Steve Prussack actually lives up to it! In addition to shooting plant drinks into his body every day, he and his wife Julie help over 100,000 dedicate juicees do the same. They’re the creators of Juice Guru, a business dedicated to spreading the message about juicing for healthy living and they’re the founders of the accredited Juice Guru Academy, which offers courses in juice therapy and health education, and trains juice coaches around the world. Steve’s the award-winning host of "Juice Guru Radio" which I had the pleasure of being featured on! Woot woot! And he and Juice are the authors of the bestselling book: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Juice Fasting, another book: Juice Guru - Transform Your Life by Adding One Juice a Day and the brand spankin’ new book: Juice Guru's Juicing for Rapid Weight Loss. That’s a lot of juice. I kinda have to pee already. I’m gonna go do that and you listen to this truly wonderful chat about how a juice a day can maybe, actually change your life.


Get juiced to hear:


- What literally came out of Steve's fingers during his first juice cleanse

- How often you should do a juice cleanse

- What you shouldn't do after a cleanse so you actually get all the benefits

- The reason you need to drink your juice on an empty stomach

- Whether or not you can sub a green smoothie for a green juice

- The difference between cold-pressed, high-pressure processed, and pasteurization

- How drinking one green juice a day can improve your health

- Where people go wrong with juicing and how to fix it

- The Juice Guru Template and the go-to ingredients you can keep in stock

- What to pair with your green juice if you don't want to lose weight

- Combatting some of the negative press about juice

- Where to put all that pulp from juicing

- The easy recipe for juicing without a juicer



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