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It's THE show that makes healthy living not suck! So you’ll actually do it. And so you’ll actually feel, look and live your best.

Hosted by Talia Pollock, creator of Party in My Plants

Sep 20, 2018

My guest today only uses nontoxic attitudes and nontoxic products! And obviously believes in the power of eating non-toxic plant foods. Sarah Rose is a New York City-based Makeup Artist who, after working in the conventional make up industry, became appalled AF at how much pressure the media and beauty industry puts on women to meet the social construct of beauty. She experienced first hand how this drove women's insecurity levels way down and their crappy product purchases way up--and who's to benefit? Certainly not these women--instead, the pockets of these big conglomerate corporations who own most of the industry and even the petrochemical industry! It's one big vicious cycle.So in 2014, Sarah Rose was inspired to shift focus in her practice and she switched over to the good side - completely non-toxic, clean products, all made by smaller, passionate makers while deconstructing one's relationship with beauty. As a self-proclaimed Makeup Therapist, it's her goal to empower her clients to find confidence even barefaced! Without makeup! And by using plant-based skincare mixed with a plant-based diet, Sarah Rose works to empower women through revealing their inner + outer beauty.


Oh! And Sarah Rose also does wedding day make up! She’s doing my wedding makeup in 2 weeks which I couldn’t be more excited for because her M.O. is helping brides naturally shine like their best selves on their wedding day, not look like the most makeup-ed self on their wedding day. Just for funsies I took some photos from our clean wedding make up trial and put them in the show notes alongside photos I took from my shall I say bluntly, TOXIC wedding make up trial photos if you want to take a peeksies at the obvious difference in favor of clean beauty and being a natural bride, you can do so at


Press play to hear:

  • How to begin fixing the emotional and physical relationship we have to beauty and makeup
  • What the clean beauty industry needs to do better
  • What stress is REALLY doing to your skin
  • The skin concerns you can't fix without fixing your gut
  • How to elevate your everyday look for not-so-everyday events
  • The product that helps you fake some inner light
  • Whether or not EVERYONE can wear a bold red lip
  • Finally figuring out the difference between BB cream, CC cream, and tinted moisturizers
  • A non-boring clean beauty history lesson
  • Busting myths about the efficacy of clean beauty products
  • The absolute BEST places to get your hands on some clean beauty products
  • What label doesn't actually mean a product is clean or natural (#sorrynotsorry)
  • Some scare tactics to steer you away from conventional beauty products
  • Why clean beauty products look more natural than conventional beauty products
  • Wedding Day Makeup 101 – prep, application, and removal
  • And more!!!


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