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Hosted by Talia Pollock, creator of Party in My Plants

Sep 27, 2018

In terms of making my ultimate wedding dream a reality, today’s guest takes the cake. And bakes it. Since that ultimate wedding dream I just spoke of was to be able to eat my own damn wedding cake at my own wedding. Without a stupid belly ache. So since Emily Lael Aumiller, the founder of Lael Cakes and an allergen-free pastry chef extraordinaire makes the world’s best vegan and gluten-free cakes, she’s essentially my wedding fairy godmother! I’m excited to share with you how Emily went from pastry sculpting to cake sculpting, and how through a fateful intervention of a lot of allergies, Emily decided to sculpt cakes those of us who have sensitives systems and/or just prefer not putting crap into our bodies can enjoy with glee!

Emily’s company, Lael Cakes, is a Brooklyn based boutique cake studio that uses her own unique blend of non-gluten flours (don’t worry, I tell you what’s in the blend) to make the perfect pastry flour. It’s incredible how Emily substitutes real food ingredients for refined sugar, saturated fat, and dairy and uses dyes extracted from the natural pigments of fruits and vegetables to give her treats incredible scrumptious vibrant colors.


Press play to drool and hear:

  • How the slow food movement (and food allergies) inspired her to create allergen-free pastries
  • The gluten-free flour mix Emily invented and swears by
  • What happens when you take away all the overly processed ingredients
  • The kind of sugar most traditional bakeries use
  • How to have self-discipline when you're around cake all day
  • Why Emily creates vegan AND non-vegan cakes (and feels good about it)
  • A behind-the-scenes peek at how I picked my wedding cake
  • How she designs unique cakes for each and every client
  • The style of cake that lets Emily's creativity shine through
  • How to paint your cake with plants
  • Emily's take on the dessert table trend
  • Tips for overcoming the gluten-free vegan baking struggle
  • And much more!


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