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Hosted by Talia Pollock, creator of Party in My Plants

Apr 12, 2019

I said it at the end of this chat but I’ll say it at the front, too: this was one of my favorite episodes yet! Liz Moody, wellness writer and editor extraordinaire for mindbodygreen, goop, Vogue and Glamour basically debunked, demystified and defused the whole wellness trend game in about one hour.


Liz’s brand spanking new beautiful book, Healthier Together, is on shelves as of this month and it’s actually not a cookbook for couples. Liz’s whole M.O. is to is that building community and spending QT with people is a huge wellness hack. After studying all the meditation, green smoothies, gluten-free paleo granolas and infrared saunas, Liz realized that positive relationships are an essential part of the health equation. In this chat, she makes a great argument for being healthier together, not unhealthy alone… and she grants us permission to hate salads AND eat dessert every day but I’ll just let you get to all that yo’self.


Press Play to hear:


  • How community deficiency is the most overlooked wellness downer
  • Why you can (and maybe should) eat dessert every day
  • What the heck is wellness actually?
  • Some wise words on body acceptance
  • How to get over your social media already
  • Why to look at wellness as nothing more than a tool
  • Surprise! You’re not the only one who hates salad
  • And tons more


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