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Hosted by Talia Pollock, creator of Party in My Plants

Jul 19, 2019

Hey there! I’m hard at work over here on some really exciting upcoming things so I’ve chosen to re-air the very first ever interview I did on this here podcast 3 years ago woohoo. This is the prefect chat to resurface because it’ll serve as a powerful reminder of how and why to use your spiralizer -- my top summer kitchen tool (outside of my blender of course). It’ll also be a little ridiculous to hear my first ever interview when I was just a wee podcast hosting baby - I really should bring more games into my interviews nowadays, that was so fun. Anyway, here’s my chat with Ali Maffuci, the queen of turning plants into noodles. She’s the founder of the mega-brand Inspiralized, creator of the Inspiralizer tool (which I use to make my veggie noodles), the author of three bestselling cookbooks, the maker of two children and the inventor of the spiralized sweet potato BUN. This is quite the inspiralizing chat:


In this super INSPIRALIZING show, you’ll learn:


  • Exactly how to spiralize 13 different fruits and veggies from A-Z (literally from Apple to Zucchini)
  • Mind-blowing ways Ali adds spiralized plants to baked goods, desserts, and even cocktails 
  • The inspiring story behind Inspiralized and how Ali keeps creativity swirling around in her head
  • How spiralizing has helped Ali shed 30 lbs.
  • The birth story of the SWEET POTATO BUN (yes BUN - like a burger BUN. Made of sweet potato noodles!)
  • The secrets to not crying over onions and slicing a pepper in 1 shot
  • And so much more!


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