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Hosted by Talia Pollock, creator of Party in My Plants

Aug 9, 2019

My guest today hits the nail right on the head when she says “we live in a drinking world.” Georgia Foster is a hypnotherapist originally from Australia, who has spent many years living in London and as such, she knows a thing or two about the prevalence of drinking cultures. Georgia’s aim in her work is to teach people how to establish healthy relationships with booze and to learn how to drink less rather than have to break up with that glass of vino forever. In this chat that has truly stuck with me at all of my drinking events since, we dive into how our anxiety and specifically, our inner critics, are the biggest enablers of over-drinking. If you know your inner critic is ruining (or running!) your life, don’t freak out! Georgia had more than a few practical tips to retrain your brain and rely on that happy hour drink a little less. What I liked most about this conversation is that Georgia is by no means the booze police and that her cool-as-a-cucumber approach is ACTUALLY realistic because no, she’ll never tell you not to enjoy a good party, she’s just helping us all have happier inner dialogue so our critics don’t run rogue.  


Press play to hear: 


  • The difference between an alcoholic and someone who is trying to drink less
  • The drinking personalities: perfectionists versus people pleasers
  • Why your inner critic is encouraging you to pop bottles and pour that extra glass
  • Why switching up your drink of choice is likely to turn you into a hot mess
  • Why weddings can cause pressure to drink too much and what to do about it
  • How getting anxiety in check directly relates to better habits around drinking 
  • How drinking allows us to spend time without our inner critics and can therefore lead to overdoing it
  • What your tipsy self is trying to communicate with you 
  • Techniques to stop anxiety and prepare for healthy nights out with alcohol
  • And more!


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