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Hosted by Talia Pollock, creator of Party in My Plants

Sep 6, 2019

Gabe Kennedy is as cool as a… bottle of CBD oil. He’s also a plant-chef, nature guy, remarkable analogy creator, and the brains and soul behind Plant People, a company that’s spreading the word about the power plants can have on the wellness of not just individuals, but a whole society. Sure, Plant People is one of the billion brands boasting the brilliance of CBD these days but his mission his to not just be a CBD company - rather, to showcase using herbs and other plants can make us better. And Gabe is not your average “ohhh lemme capitalize on this CBD craze” kinda guy either. He’s the kind of guy who saw through a back fracture injury he got while skiing and used the experience to recognize the value of herbs and hemp. Since then, he has been spreading the word while using part of his profits to plant trees in the U.S. His cause is now to mend people, mend the earth and connect with both. They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. In Gabe’s case, make balms, drops and lotions, heal others’ woes and replant whole forests while you’re at it!  


Press reved up to hear:

  • What CBD actually does and why it’s so great
  • The difference between marijuana and hemp and CBD and THC
  • The best analogies ever spoken by a wellness guru ;-)
  • Why the health industry needs to think about overall environmental and societal wellness
  • How to cook to enhance CBD’s natural qualities
  • Why CBD is the answer for anxiety, inflammation, pain and stress
  • How Gabe Kennedy’s back fracture led to his discovery of the values of herbalism and cannabis
  • How Plant People is growing the forest and doing their bit for the planet
  • Why CBD oils should become a practice… just like your yoga or morning meditation
  • And more!


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