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Hosted by Talia Pollock, creator of Party in My Plants

Nov 4, 2019

Damn did Marci Zaroff ever blow my mind! I probably mentioned at least three times in utter amazement how cool she is because this OG leader in wellness and organics is... SO FREAKING COOL! To start, she basically has 100 companies. She was one of the peeps plant partying it up in the early 1990s when no one else was. Ain’t no party like a plant party of 1?  Marci coined the term “Eco fashion” developed the standard for organic textiles in the U.S., published books, and is now out with her new organic cotton and environmentally-friendly homeware line Farm to Home. (Because why should straight-from-the-farm plants only bless our dinner plates?) 


We spoke a lot about stuff I knew little about: organic cotton, why it’s important and how the fast fashion industry is ruining our homes, our bods and the environment. I mean, in case you, like me, hadn’t fully *cotton* just yet, the cotton used to make everything from our favorite white sheets, to the blankets we cuddle up in, to our favorite pair of jeans and worn-in tee are often produced with the use of thousands of chemicals that damage us and damage the air and water. Honestly, as a responsible citizen and new homeowner, I really want zero part in that and so I’m on the road to outfitting myself and my new home sweet home with sustainable, sweet sustainable textiles like Marci explains all about right now….

Press play to hear: 

  • A crazy walk down memory lane to the wellness and organic community in the early 90s
  • Why food is a personal choice you shouldn’t judge!
  • How the wellness community in 2019 overlooks the importance of textiles
  • Why non-organic cotton could be damaging your skin and health
  • The reasons why fast fashion is killing our planet
  • The three things to watch for when shopping for environmentally-friendly homeware and clothing
  • Crazy tales from the woman who dubbed the term “eco-fashion.”
  • Why extend the farm-to-table movement to farm-to-home 
  • And more!


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