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Hosted by Talia Pollock, creator of Party in My Plants

May 14, 2020

Well, I had the poop doctor back on the show! My earlier chat with Dr. B. was such a breakout HIT that it’s about time I bring him back again. And this round two was as good - if not better - than last time. You let me know. We started off this talk by clarifying right off the bat that Dr. B is more of a tummy doctor than a butt doctor. From there, we got straight to his main point: fiber is SEXY ok? (I originally disagreed but he convinced me in the end.)


Dr. B’s new book, Fiber Fueled (which is a cousin to my book as we share the same publisher and hit bookstores within 3 weeks of each other!) will change your life and educate you on how the gut actually works. During these times when the coronavirus has the world shut down, it’s important to know that most of your immune system lives in the gut. In other words, hurt the gut, hurt your immunity! Dr. B.’s goal is to get his information out there to convert the processed food eaters to see the value of plants and start taking better care of their gut health. I think you’ll be convinced. And highly entertained. And maybe blushing if poop is not a topic you usually engage in discussion around. 

Press play to hear: 

  • Why fiber IS so sexy
  • Why your need to eat as many different plants as possible
  • Diversity, diversity, diversity! For health, health, health!
  • Why fiber fuelling will change yo’ life!
  • How your poop in the window to your gut health
  • The average American diet is 60% processed foods! 
  • Why gut health is where it’s at
  • Did you know: Your immune system lives in the gut! 


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