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Hosted by Talia Pollock, creator of Party in My Plants

Sep 24, 2020

Dr. Rev. Christopher Carter’s jaw-dropping impressiveness doesn’t stop at his credentials. I felt like I was in school during this interview because Christopher’s views, research, background and way of explaining Black veganism and cruelty-free eating was better than any binge-worthy docuseries I’ve ever come across during this pandemic season! 


His passion for social justice, racial equality, food, animals and the environment made this such an incredibly energy-packed plant party. I loved his points about how vegan lifestyles that are self-centered don’t really bring the impact that they could have. He schooled me to the apple core. In our chat that I never wanted to end, Christopher explains how we can fill our grocery bags and load up our dinner plates in a way that doesn’t cause harm and is in solidarity with BIPOC people and their history. I mean, if you ever needed a powerful “WHY” to change your dietary lifestyle habits… this is it! 


Press play to hear: 

  • How we define Black veganism and why it’s a better approach
  • It’s not about you: why veganism needs to be less self-centered
  • What is cruelty-free eating?
  • How factory farming hurts BIPOC people
  • Why modern-day farming practices echo ethics exhibited during slavery 
  • How to approach your meals from an anti-oppressive standpoint
  • Why veganism has accessibility issues in America
  • How veganism became so white


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