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It's THE show that makes healthy living not suck! So you’ll actually do it. And so you’ll actually feel, look and live your best.

Hosted by Talia Pollock, creator of Party in My Plants

Nov 5, 2020

This week on the pod is all about less stuff, more adventure, more freedom and the MOST fun chats with Miranda Anderson. ICYMI, I had a major move last year where Jesse, Tommy and I carted our stuff away from tiny apartments in NYC and into an amazing home in the woods where plants grace my presence the minute I walk out the front door. Behind the scenes on this whole transition was Miranda Anderson, established blogger and author of More Than Enough: How One Family Cultivated A More Abundant Life Through A Year Of Practical Minimalism whose book I listened to on repeat at least three times. In this talk we discussed how your stuff is holding you back from adventure, why practical minimalism is bound to bring fulfillment, why lipstick is freaking awesome and why open mindsets can lead to Puerto Rico or Texas or the woods o’ New York or wherever your heart leads you. I’d say this episode with Miranda left me with more than enough!  


Press play to hear:

  • Why less stuff inspires more adventure
  • What is practical minimalism and why it might be right for you
  • How to stop chasing materialism 
  • Why acquiring enough stuff is simply a decision 
  • How to live of life jam-packed of freedom and adventure
  • Happiness = do more of the stuff you like and less of what you don’t like
  • What’s an adventure mindset and why it’ll improve your life

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