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It's THE show that makes healthy living not suck! So you’ll actually do it. And so you’ll actually feel, look and live your best.

Hosted by Talia Pollock, creator of Party in My Plants

Feb 8, 2018

Todays guest is peaceful AF but not preachy AF, which is unique and awesome for a meditation expert, enthusiast and entrepreneur. Ellie Burrows is the founder of MNDFL -- a collection of meditation studios sprawled throughout NYC. Ellie grew up in La La Land and was raised in a family in the entertainment business. She decided to go into film because she thought a lot of happiness waited for her there, but she never felt fulfilled and happy in Hollywood the same way her fam did. So she literally went soul searching or as she calls it, she became a spiritual tourist, and discovered the magic and simplicity of meditation. Rather than sparknotes her entire story, I think I should stop talking now and her Ellie do that because otherwise what would be the point of listening to the episode if I tell you everything in this bio, right? So press play to hear Ellie tell her story and remind us that meditation doesn’t necessarily mean plopping your butt on a fancy cushion.


You’ll hear:


  • How Ellie went from a career in the film industry to now running a meditation business!
  • What she awesomely means by “following the crumbs.” And why you prob want to follow your crumbs, too!
  • How Ellie defines meditation and the diff between mindfulness vs. meditation.
  • The 3 C’s to starting a meditation practice.
  • The type of meditation that I do daily :-)
  • How to make your meditation PORTABLE. (No butts on pillows required.)
  • And lots more!


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