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Hosted by Talia Pollock, creator of Party in My Plants

Jul 19, 2018

Today’s episode is with someone who I think, I THINK...loves matcha as matcha as I love matcha? I mean he better. Because he’s one of the two dudes on a major mission to bring matcha to the ALL the people. Graham Fortgang is one half of the founding fathers...I mean founding brothers...of Matcha Bar, New York City’s first specialty matcha cafe, THE OG! that opened in Williamsburg, Brooklyn allll the way back in 2014. Since then, Graham and his brother Max have been fueling themselves with matcha in order to hustle their way to basically matcha world domination - opening new matcha cafe doors open on both East and West Coasts and launching some magical bottled matcha products nationwide. As a long-time matcha drinker myself (way before Instagram photos of matcha even existed, I’ll have you know), I’ve been dying to dive in deep on this now ultra trendy green coffee alternative, and I did well, because nobody can MATCH-a the Enthusiasm and knowledge Graham has in this chat about Matcha. This is the true story of how two dudes fell in love with matcha and why every day they hustlin’ to help you fall in love with it, too!


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Get jacked up to hear:


  • How two dudes came up with the the OG matcha bar concept
  • The surprising thing Graham thought after his first shot of matcha
  • How a quest to prove that matcha CAN taste good paved the way
  • The goal that Matcha Bar ALWAYS had in mind
  • How tea ceremonies influenced MatchaBar's branding and mission
  • Why matcha ISN'T just a trend
  • The major difference between coffee and matcha
  • The biggest question the MatchaBar'll never guess it!
  • What to mix your matcha with at home
  • A really, really good reason to make the switch from coffee to matcha
  • and MATCHA more!


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