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It's THE show that makes healthy living not suck! So you’ll actually do it. And so you’ll actually feel, look and live your best.

Hosted by Talia Pollock, creator of Party in My Plants

Apr 26, 2019

Hey! I’m in Italy right now ringing in my 30th birthday by eating all the pizza and allll the pasta, so I wanted to re-air this charming chat with a couple whose love affair with cooking healthy food was sparked by a love affair with Italy! So Sonja and Alex Overhiser, known on the interwebs as A Couple Cooks, are a writer and photographer duo behind the award-nominated food blog, A Couple Cooks, and the co-authors of the inspiring (to me as a soon to be also author) cookbook, Pretty Simple Cooking, which was named one of the “best vegetarian cookbooks” by Epicurious. And which lives on the SPECIAL FAVORITE COOKBOOKS section of my cookbook library, I’d like to add. Their plant-forward approach to eating and their joy-filled approach to cooking, mixed with their humble approach to love is what makes this couple pretty simply awesome. It was tricky tricky business scheduling this interview with BOTH Sonja and Alex but I just couldn’t settle one half of the couple cooks and I’m so thrilled I get to share both of them with you today!


Get excited to hear:

- What inspired A Couple Cooks to actually cook and the first meal they EVER made

- The journey from never cooking to running a successful food blog and writing a cookbook

- How to embrace failure in the kitchen and life lessons learned from cooking

- How to not want to use your knives on your loved ones when cooking together

- What to do if meal prep is totally not your thing

- How not to be afraid of going to the grocery store

- The simple thing that will make you love your veggies, even Brussels sprouts

- What they wish they would have registered for to stock their kitchen as newlyweds

- The importance of not rushing through cooking and eating

- What they think they're bad at making

- And lots more!


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