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It's THE show that makes healthy living not suck! So you’ll actually do it. And so you’ll actually feel, look and live your best.

Hosted by Talia Pollock, creator of Party in My Plants

Mar 15, 2019

My guest today is the bees knees. And not just because she’s a beekeeper. Though Carly Stein is, and Carly Stein is also the founder of Beekeeper’s Naturals, a line of busy bee-powered wellness products that she can swear on her tonsils will uplevel your life. Carly left her career as an analyst at Goldman Sachs a couple years ago when she got stung by passion and stuck on a mission to bring the healing powers of the hive to regular people like you and me who don’t even know what a hive really is but like to take care of our health! After hearing Carly’s story (“How I Built This” style), learning a lil about bee culture and understanding a lot about how the goo’s and jellies the bees use to thrive can really help us thrive too, I can’t stop buzzing! I guarantee you won’t be buzzless too.


Get ready to hear:


  • How a bee product unexpectedly saved a college girl’s health
  • And then how Carly Stein, said college girl, started a company bringing more bee products to the masses
  • Carly’s experience navigating her autoimmune condition and the effects she’s seen bee products have on other autoimmune condition
  • A thorough breakdown of the different bee products (bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis and raw honey), how they jive in the hive + how they can support your health
  • Why raw honey is different and healthier than the squeezy bear honey
  • Why the bee population is in decline and why that’s something to be scared of and care about!
  • Neat hacks for using these bee products IRL
  • And so much more!


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