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Hosted by Talia Pollock, creator of Party in My Plants

Dec 10, 2020

She’s a Harvard-trained psychiatrist, a professional chef, a trained nutrition specialist, a food psychiatrist, the author of This is Your Brain on Food and just overall foodie brainiac. This chat with Dr. Uma Naidoo covered how the state of your mental health often starts with what you ate for dinner. As she says, “Happy gut, happy mood!” We talked about so much mood-boostin’ stuffs including how the gut and the brain are waaaay more closely linked than you thought. (Heard it here first before it goes mainstream!) Now, this is a chat that will have you turning your ahhhh to hahas and will have you revamping your shopping list. Yes, if you’re on a prescription, it won’t hurt to try out these brain food tips and no, I’m definitely not telling you to swap out your meds. As Dr. Uma says: you have to eat anyway, so adding healthy brain food to the plate is kinda a low hanging fruit. Her pun, not mine. Surprisingly! 


Press play to hear: 

  • How your gut health is impacting your mental health
  • What to eat for depression and anxiety
  • The mental health disservices of the American diet
  • Why your holiday charcuterie platter might be making you depressed
  • A surprising new use for eggs
  • How your gut and your brain and more connected than you think
  • The not-yet mainstream science about how your dinner choices impact your mental wellbeing
  • Spices that’ll spice up your life! 


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